Ayurvedic Tonic Supports Kidneys and Reproductive System in Men and Women

Men and women who suffer with kidney, bladder or urinary tract disorders know it is best to stop it before it starts. The Ayurvedic traditional herbal tonic Chandra Prabha Vati is beneficial for difficulty in urination, kidney stones, frequent urination and urinary incontinence. The name Chandra Prabha translates to Moon Glow. This supplement is said to having a calming effect as the aura of the moon. It helps to nurture the kidney energy and support the yang flow of the body. This tonic also supports the whole urinary system which includes the reproductive organs such as the prostate, ovaries and uterus. Studies have also shown that Chandra Prabha Vati can offer relief with prostate enlargement, male infertility and impotency. Dr. Amit Gumman of Harmony Healing Center and Harmony Nutraceuticals says “that it works like a charm, especially for men that have enlarged prostate; it’s extremely beneficial for the urinary flow.” He also states, “The Harmony Nutraceuticals tonic of Chandra Prabha Vati is made in Oklahoma and free of heavy metals. This is a very important factor, because other brands may not make that a high priority in their formula.”

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